I just LOVE what I do... A little about me... Well, I am Bama born & raised but after living on the coast for a few years, I enjoy traveling south, offering photo shoots from Gulf Shores to PCB. My heart belongs to both. Primarily self-taught, although, I've read lots of books, advice from many professionals, few online courses, and tons of practice. Starting with snaphots as a hobby to now looking to be career driven & ready to share my skills. I can say with certainty my passion for this work comes from people; personalities, moods and feelings- its what drives me in life.
I know that business & success has only come to me because of you, my clients, & God, whom everyday reminds me of his love. My other half deserves credit for pushing me to chase my dream & admiring each piece of art I help create. My family, friends & sweet pup also need credit- thru practicing on them for years, it has allowed me to capture some of lifes most precious moments. Not always posed, it is more like a documentation of their life, my favorites are the ones that tell a story. I am blessed beyond measure with a loving family & friend base that have helped & pushed me to get to where I am today. I am still no pro & I learn new things each and every day! Look forward to working with new faces, as well as old. It is awesome to be able to have the dream job and provide people with such great memories.

My Philosophy--- I am not out to create the 'perfect' & 'flawless' portrait because really?! Life just isn't. ;) Its that look that your loved one gives you right before they bust out laughing, that is what I crave- those fleeting moments in life, the emotion, the in-between moments, the real deal, the moments that are simply You being You, candid, when the soul shows. To me its not just snapping a picture, I feel like I am capturing a memory someone will preserve & cherish forever!!! My work is kind of a mix of real, emotional, natural & fun. If you are ready to think outside the box and have a good time, call me!

Natural light photography- on location.
Just about any type of session you want, message/email/call Me! :o)

Photography is one of the most universal languages around, and you do not have to say a word. -Anonymous