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Finally Finally got around to this little shoot. I love these people soooooo much. 

Couldn't be more proud of her for what all she has accomplished in the last several years. Dowdy Farms is awesome & I can see your heart is full. The girls were in heaven & I had a blast.... as usual!



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Holiday Blues  


This year the holidays weren't the same for us as the years passed.

In fact, there have been many friends and acquaintances going thru the loss of a loved one this holiday season....

I've always loved this time of year- so very much. I start Christmas shopping around August.

I love ribbon, paper, lights, Christmas music, movies, baking, planning, the excitement, the kids, the birth of our Savior....

Making plans for birthday celebrations with Landon & our annual Christmas party/my bday bash.

Looking forward to each Thanksgiving get together, making goodies in the kitchen, black Friday shopping event, watching Christmas movies every single day, loads of shopping trips - mainly just to be in the hustle bustle of it all & seeing the decorations.

I feel like I'm 5 years old again.

It's just so much fun.

I don't say it stresses me out.

I love it.

I wrap every single tiny gift & make pretty bows.

I've got a calendar full of things to do,

and I LOVE IT, allllll of it!


But this year, God made other plans.

This year I get the news I've always dreaded. My paw paw was taken to the hospital. Now, he's been before for other things, but this time my heart sank, my gut feeling was terrible, emotions ran wild. I dropped everything during shoots and left. It was Veteran's day & I thought I was ahead of schedule. Finishing up my last day of Christmas minis,pretty excited because that would put me a little ahead so that I would be able to have ample time to spend with my family during the holidays this year.

Little did I know that the next few weeks would be the worst days of my life.

As a family, we stood by paw paw, he fought a long hard fight.

One that I never anticipated him having to battle.

We had to make decisions that I never thought we'd have to make.

The days clicked by so quickly.

One day we're hearing things are improving then shortly after we're doing a 180.

We hit the ceiling- then hit the floor.

Roller coaster of emotions.

Friends and family members came to visit. They'd bring snacks & tell stories about their adventures with paw paw. We'd laugh and cry. He had so many stories. But these stories,well- I'd not heard lots of these. They were great. It opened my eyes to see even more beautiful things. My paw paw made everybody smile. He lit up the room. If you ever spent any time with him, you heard some great stories. I could see, in his friends, that he made an impact on so many. He was loved very much & he certainly loved life. It made it easier to sit those long hours in that will waiting room. But little did we know that as we prepared ourselves for our Thanksgiving day at the hospital, we'd be planning his arrangements by nightfall.

Thanksgiving day will never be the same.

I feel like it was yesterday.

Holding onto him as he left his heavenly body. I saw more sadness in a couple hours than all my years put together with my family. There was a silence. Just an uneasy feeling of grief, then quiet soon after.

The next night as I stood in line at his viewing, I felt comfort again as I listened to all the stories from friends coming thru. Goodness gracious at the stories, he was a hoot, that's for sure. But still moving thru the hours/days in a fog. It hasn't sank in. Even after the burial. It was tough, but not real yet.

I kept myself busy after all this. I've worked hours and hours on end. Making up for so many days lost. Not to mention all the shopping I didn't do, decorating, cooking, cleaning, etc.


Will i catch up?


Finally decided I'd stop on Christmas eve eve around noon ....

I had so much to do that evening.

Nothing hit me until waking up Christmas eve.

I didn't get that call asking where I was shopping for that one last minute gift.

They always were.

Usually he would be sitting on bench inside Belk or parked front parking place so he could yell at me as I ran in to find granny. He'd be like a kid wanting to know just what time we'd be there that night. (Santa always came at midnight, so we'd be there shortly after). I went on with my day as usual but that hole was growing. As midnight grew closer, my heart sank more. We did Santa with Landon & opened our gifts-but never got that call "Where are y'all? On your way yet?" As we made our way to Christmas with granny, every song on the radio brought tears, fighting them back was easier until hitting the driveway....

knowing he wouldn't be standing there in the doorway, sporting whatever goofy Christmas attire we'd supplied him with throughout the years, would prove impossible to hold back any tear. It was real.

He's not called me and he's not standing there.

We wouldn't get to joke about who all we needed to call and wake up because Santa just ran.

We wouldn't get to open some crazy gift he'd come up with for us, or give him anything that would make him chuckle and grin so big,

I wouldn't get to sneak him bacon or ham to small on while the ladies were cooking, none of it.

His chair would be empty, the void would be huge.

Nothing was said. We went on with our Christmas.

Customary routines are ended or not repeated in same way.

Easy going laughter, once flowing so naturally, may become awkward or even altogether missing.

Gift giving, once so filled with fun, may seem somehow empty and sad.

Familiar songs, once so comforting, may catch in your throat or bring tears to your eyes.


We make it thru and go on home to sleep a few hours before waking and continuing our Christmas with others.

I wake up in tears,confused at first, but immediately realize I'd typically be awakened by my phone ringing. Paw paw giggling and asking if we were awake yet (knowing he was the alarm) & singing me Happy Birthday.

I miss that voice something terrible.

The rest of my day was a bit harder. The void stayed with me.

Sometimes the memories intrude on celebrations, making this season hard to handle.

I never fully grasped how difficult that would be, until now. The empty chair sticks out more. The room full of people feels quieter. Or louder. The gifts go unopened. Or unwrapped. Or un- bought. It's hard to remember something to be thankful for. Smiles look a little shaky. And tears are the uninvited guest that won't leave.

Grieving during the holidays is difficult. Especially the first holiday cycle after the passing of said loved one. Whatever your age, whatever the cause of death, holidays loved in the absence of a loved one can be a very difficult time. But while sadness can try it's best to turn those beautiful gifts into bitter reminders of what's missing, the sadness can't compete when we remember that today is full. Full of pain, yes- sometimes....but also full of blessings and joy & things both big and small that God has given us to remind us of His love & faithfulness.

It may have taken me a few days to collect myself & say how very thankful I am for family and friends that have showered me with Love on my birthday. And gave me an amazing Christmas.

Even though the holidays are not the same & there is a hole in my heart, I am forever grateful for all the wonderful memories he gave me to hang onto. 

I heard over and over again during all of this that pain is a sign you have been blessed to draw very close to another.

You have loved and you have been loved. The hurt you feel is an indication of your wonderful humanness, your sensitivity, your openness. It is a proof that another has touched you deeply, even as you have touched them. While you may wish you did not hurt as much as you do, you dare not forget that your pain is none other than the result of your joy.

°• The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18•°



If the holidays are making you sad this year – perhaps the same as every year or maybe more than you ever imagined possible – I pray that you can close your eyes and feel it for a moment. It’s okay to do that. Really. But then open them to the good that is still around you.



Billy Joe Gossett

April 21, 1942 - November 24, 2016
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Life is fragile ... handle with prayer  

Sometimes things hit too close to home. To people you know, friends, or family. Things you don't think will ever happen to a loved one. & They keep you awake, allllll night.... Why? Well, we don't know why but God does. His plan is bigger. Even if it is difficult to grasp. He is ultimately in control. 


You know how you can hear something a hundred times in a hundred different ways before it finally gets through to you? I feel like "Life" -the real meaning of life is one of those things. I know we're all familiar with the phrases "life can change in an instant" "in the blink of an eye" "Be thankful for today because you may not have tomorrow" ...

anyway, you get my point. I'm consumed with these thoughts right now. Trying to wrap my head around something that has happened. How I would/could adjust if something tragic happened to me. If my world turned upside down. If everything I knew was ripped from under me. Honestly, my family and close friends could tell you that I don't handle change well. Even small changes in routine. Just minute change in houses we're gathering for the holidays would spin me as a child. I realize, now, those small things are nothing in the whole span of things but just thinking, how would it feel to have my whole life, whole routine, EVERYTHING change, not a small change, a drastic one?

Life is one of the most beautiful things that we as humans know and experience. We are all blessed, and if we take it upon ourselves to intuit and perceive it in a positive way – life could be infinitely better.

How many times have you gotten mad at someone? Wigged out because your internet wasn’t working? Broke your phone? Forget to pay bill? Get the wrong order of food? Kids made a mess? Or even let a bad day bring you down?

If you sit back and look at the bigger picture, those things don't really matter. We've completely forgotten how fragile life really is. We let senseless, absurd, things consume our day rather than just enjoying life. We get mad, sad, frustrated, have fights & let others bring us down. We let things that shouldn't have any effect on our mood leave memorable marks on it.

Are you grateful for the life that you have? Or do you take things for granted? Maybe you haven’t thought about it for a while. Did you ever fail to appreciate someone you care about? Was that because you were too busy putting out fires or focusing on other things? Or perhaps you assumed they’d just hang around forever.

I find myself staying busy. I like being busy and going. However, although being busy can make us feel more alive than anything else for a moment, the sensation is not sustainable long term. We will inevitably come to wish that we spent less time in the buzz of busyness and more time actually living a purposeful life in the present.

Honestly, I fall short daily. Just typing these words out help me reflect & think more about my own shortcomings. We should take a moment and listen to ourselves. We complain about not having enough while we lose sight of the wonderful things that we have. As the saying goes, “People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew exactly what you had . . . you just never thought you’d lose it.”

We often take life for granted – our daily gift of living.

Life is precious.

Life is a gift.



Our family/friend needs prayers. There is a long road ahead.  <3 


& I just ask my family and friends- live now  

look at the bigger picture. 

you just never know


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.
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God's plan > our plan I didn't realize it until she said - "Goodness, that is a voice I have not heard in about 15 years!"  
Geez, how does the time fly. I seriously do not feel like I have been out of school that long. 

Been out of touch with friends for that many years. 

Not out of touch with all of them. But Facebook can certainly have its positives. I contribute most of my business from FB and the fact that I can see my friends from childhood reach different milestones and turn chapters in their book of life without having to hop on the phone to catch up. Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes we forget what it is like to actually speak to one another.

glad we got to do a lil catching up. 

still feel like most my hs friends - we just pick up where we left off - even with a 15 year gap.  =D 

things are quite different now that lil over a decade ago. 


I feel like it was last week that Kelly announced she was expecting. I remember it hitting me because we are 2 of the very few of a large group of our friends from 29-35 yo that didn't have kids yet. I remember reading her post about how she was not planning on having any but HIS plan is always bigger. 

Boy, I have def experienced a slap from above a few times in my life where I was trying to make plans and swiftly got reminded that I am not in charge of that. 

& look just how precious this baby is. I am beyond happy for your sweet lil bundle of giggles & smiles. She is the most adorable & animated 5 month old that I can remember spending time with. You just never know what God has in store for ya but he certainly does a wonderful job at giving us what we need. These are just a FEW from our lil session and there will be several more coming your way but I just HAD to share a few for now..... <3 <3 <3 


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" I DO " Somebody mentioned "full circle"

Yesterday was most certainly that, for me!  In 1991 -1992 I have Mrs. Sharon Reid as my second grade teacher. The moment feels like yesterday that she went on maternity leave to have Olivia. I remember mom and I going to see her shortly after coming home from the hospital and me holding that sweet baby girl! Whew, sure makes me feel old. As for Weston, I babysat that lil kiddo when i was around 11 or so- could be wrong but he was tiny! Love both of these families and these kids. So thankful that livvie lou twisted my arm & got me to do a wedding because I enjoyed every minute!

Y'all couldn't have had a more perfect day for your wedding. It was nothing short of amazing. Both of you have grown into such awesome people & I love you to pieces. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I loved watching you together and seeing that spark between you. You are absolutely precious.

SMALLLLLL peek of the night!

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Everything I want to share with you... Ten years later ...

Soooooooo, I'm not usually a wordsy person but this post is full & a lil mushy ;)   here goes...


My "niece" is growing up faster than I’d like to realize. One minute she's calling me- all bubbly & excited as she heads into her first day of Kindergarten, the next minute shes worried about boys, lip gloss, & her social life. 
Oh my goodness, my mind is racing. I cannot get over the fact that she will soon begin her last year in High School. Where has the time gone?!? 

Turning 17 in a couple of months. She’s beautiful, tall, innocent, sweet and thoughtful- with a good mix of hard headed, sassy, opinionated, strong willed, & confident.  It’s a wonderful time to watch her grow. It’s also probably a nerve-wracking time for her parents. As I wonder what she’ll experience as she grows and matures, there are a few things I’d like to tell her. . . .

Ansley, I am so proud of who you are—your effort in school, your compassion, your talent, and the growth of your friendships. Embrace every minute over the next year. This is the time where you have created some of the strongest bonds with friends whom will carry on for the rest of your years. I won't tell you that HS is the best years of your life, but they will certainly be some of the most memorable. 

You should know, above all things, that you have a heavenly Father who made you, who loves you and who wants to be your friend forever. There will be many times when you’ll wonder what He’s doing in your life, or why something did or didn’t happen. Trust that he fulfills his promises & his plan is greater. 

Know your worth. Know your value and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve. Now, I don’t mean to start going out there with unrealistic expectations, demands and a sense of entitlement. I am saying that you deserve to be treated the way you treat others, and vice versa.  Resist those who knowingly or unknowingly try to bring you down, to make you less than you are. What’s real is what God says about you. Ask Him what He thinks of you. He will tell you!  

Don’t let the opinions of others stand in your way of doing something, prove them wrong. Excel at what you do. Develop a reputation for yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to


Remember that you are in charge of the way you think. You are creating the situations you are in and the emotions that flow from those situations. Every choice you make — including the thoughts you think — has consequences. When you choose the behavior or thought, you choose the consequences. You have the ability to train your mind to think good thoughts, to dwell on good things. Practice now to think on good things.

Be spontaneous and grasp opportunities! Now is the time to think about what you want your life to be about—even though you’re only 16.

Keep a journal. They are great to look back on in 20 years. It is hysterical to see what mattered so much then - doesn't mean a thing now. 

You go to college to find your bridesmaids, not your husband. The friends you make in college are so important, not just because you are more likely to stay close to them after graduation, but because they are the ones who are with you during a time in your life where you grow up a little and change a lot.

Your mom is almost always right....About everything. Love. Friendship. Health. Family. The big things. The little things. Seriously, she's been through it. Listen to her. You will not regret it. Respect your parents--they truly love you and want the best for you, listen and trust them. And soon on your own, you will appreciate them more than ever.

This one, oooooh how I hope I have drilled this in your head =D - - - Boys are worthless. Wait until they are men.  Enjoy your first high school romance, but don't get too attached. High school sweethearts unfortunately don't always work out.


Boys are not worth messing with until they turn 27. Do not stress over a dude who hasn't grown up yet or has no idea who he is. The one you want to share your life with is the one who knows who he is and knows how to be in a stable relationship and actually wants to be in one. And that doesn't usually happen until their late 20s, in my experience.  HAVE FUN! I mean you will have PLENTY of time to be in a relationship & grow old with your hubby, one day! Enjoy being a kid & young adult, you don't realize how quickly these days will pass. 

Be on time. Be dependable.  ou do not want to get a reputation as someone who is always late to something. Just be dependable, because later in life, a flaky person isn't just the type of person who just forgets birthdays or is late to parties. That type of person gets fired or can't manage to keep friends. Don't be that person. Start your on-time habit early on, and you'll have no problem with it in the real world when it really, really matters.

Your siblings will be your best friends. Again, in time. You might despise them now, but I promise, they will be your best friends later in life. You will need them and one day, you won't live in the next room. You will live across the country, or state, you'll see them twice, maybe three times a year, and you will miss them so much. Be with them now, while you still can. I am very proud of the bond you and Rowe Rowe have. It warms my heart to see such a strong love you share. Same with Tyde. <3 I pray you continue to be that awesome big sister because they look up to you! 

THIS is important to me because I have dealt with this issue many many years.... You don't have to do what everyone else is doing.        Marriage, kids, certain careers…those ideas might be forced on you or you might be forcing them on yourself. This is your life. Decide what you want and don't want and stick to it, even if you are being pressured by someone else to think otherwise. You don't want kids? That's fine. We’re fortunate to live in a time when being single does not automatically strip a woman of her power. You want to change careers suddenly? Do it! Because when you get older, these decisions come with severe consequences and making them will be a lot harder. Find out who you are; don't let others tell you who you are. They are wrong. 

Drop those toxic friends. Are there any people in your life who make you wonder why you even hang out with them? Drop 'em. Weed them out and keep the ones who you can call at 2 a.m. for any reason. Those are the ones you hang onto. Friendships change, and it's OK if your BFF isn't actually a "forever" for you. It's about Quality over Quantity. Somebody gave me this poem many years ago and I have to re-read it often to remind myself why some people will come & go from my life.

Keep it close~Read it often~

Be nice to people... You never know what someone is going through. So smile. Say hello. Help them. The smallest gesture could change so much. It's the little things. 


And finally, your family annnnnd I Love you more than you’ll ever fully grasp—and that’s how it’s supposed to be. When you crash and burn or get in trouble or make a bad choice, we’ll all be there to pick you up, comfort you and move you back to functioning. It’s what families do. Don’t feel guilty about it or uncomfortable. Lean on us when you’re in need. We are your support and your resources. What we have, you have. There is no end to our love and our belief in you. I hope you ALWAYS remember that. 


Looking forward to watching you grow and enter a new chapter of your life. Super proud of you & love you bunches!!!  <3 

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“What's meant to be will always find a way” When did we grow up???  Geez. Pretty sure we were attached at the hip for a decade. We went thru many chapters together & happy to say we have kept in touch even thru some of the crazy times. You will always be like a sister to me. Excited for you to start this new chapter in life. Justin & Collin are lucky boys ;)

 In recent years - Jason & I have spent time with Justin, becoming good friends. I have to say, it is great to see him so happy. You can see it in him & I couldn't be happier that it is because of you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.  Love you both, big & cannot wait to celebrate your big day!



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“To Watch Us Dance Is To Hear Our Hearts Speak” – “If You Dance with your heart, your body will follow.” –Mia Michaels 

[email protected] (Soulful Snaps Photography) Wed, 20 Jan 2016 19:03:20 GMT
“Live a little, love a lot.”




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WHY I LOVE gift giving  

It's that time again... Christmas shopping.
The holidays are swiftly approaching, department stores are full of Christmas decor, Christmas music playing, movies are on, & my shopping is in full force.
Soon I'll be binge watching every holiday movie on ABC family, the tunes have been playing in my car for a while, & soon I will be driving the longest route
to any destination just to see the beautifully lit homes. TODAY (would have been sooner if I had time), my tree will be up & soon will be loads of beautifully
wrapped packackages placed beneath and hand selected by- yours truly. :)
I know Christmas gets a lot of hostility thrown its way. We complain over the consumerisn, we complain about how insatiable our culture is. My friends brag about
how they have convinced their family to enter a pool & give one gift (of $25 value), or giftcard, or not at all, or that they are all grown and theres no need
for gift giving. - J & I will fuss about how many people we will have to buy for or how much money we are spending every Christmas on gifts that may not be

Honestly, I wouldn't change one single thing! I LOVE gift giving.

I would haul every single present with my name on it over to Goodwill, right now. I don’t anticipate the joyous present celebration of Christmas morning because of
what I hope to receive.  I will say, “I don’t need anything,” and mean it. However, I WILL eagerly await the moment when a gift I have searched high & low for is grasped
by receiver. I want time to stand still while I watch them tear into the package. I wait anxiously for the gleam of recognition in their eyes. I live for the joy
that spreads across their faces once they realize what that precious package contains. In that moment, I know they feel the love that accompanies that gift.  I know it
makes them happy. And even if that happiness lasts for that 1 millisecond while the rest of year the candle goes unburned, tie is never worn,  or brand new cookbook goes
unused, it is worth it.

I love gift-giving because I am in search of “that moment.”

How many of you cannot recall the gifts you gave last Christmas? How about the gifts you received?
It’s not because we’re forgetfull that we have trouble remembering the gifts we gave or even the ones we received. It’s because when it’s all over, the gifts pale in comparison
to the joy they deliver—the love and best wishes for the season. That’s what we carry with us from one year to the next. Gifts are messengers. They deliver our love and our best wishes.
Without the care, love, or concern—the gift is empty. Giving a gift just so you can mark a name off a list is a hollow effort that is likely to fall flat no matter how much money you spend.
Not every occasion requires a gift. Sometimes a card that you buy or make yourself in which you write a really thoughtful sentiment is an excellent way to go.
Caring enough to pick out the right card and then taking the time and effort to write in it sometimes says, “I care!” even better than a gift could. I KNOW it has changed my whole day
for the better recently.

As I think about the plethora of gifts that will be, once again, spilling out in to my living room this Christmas Eve I can’t help but trip back through time.
 I remember gifts given to me that were remarkable, gifts that are etched in my mind.  The ones that stand out do so for “that moment,” not because of what I received.
I know I have received a lot of huge, expensive gifts over the years.  And, quite honestly, when that has happened it has usually involved a conversation beforehand and
questions ensuring all the details were correct. They usually are wonderful but they don’t carry the elements of tenderness, heart, feeling, and emotion.

The gifts that stand out to me were small in size yet huge in heart… when I was kiddo & several sweet friends knew my love for christmas & always gave me an ornament- not just "any ornament" but one that would carry a precious memory
for the rest of my life. There's always a special story with each one. when my nephew gives me green tights because he wanted my to share his love for Ninja Turtles. The precious look on his face and twinkle in his eyes when he gives me
something that "he picked out JUST FOR ME". when I've had a rough year & live away from home for the first time in PCB & my mom comes to stay with me. She walks in with bags full (clothes that were desperately needed)
and we played dress-up & tried each thing on while catching up. when a sweet client of mine (kiddo) brings ME a Christmas gift to their mini session. It was an adorable necklace with a caption about photogging and a charm. Made my heart smile. when my FAVORITE Christmas movie stops working & your childhood buddy brings you a replacement because they know you will need it playing. when my friend sent my favorite yummy dip home with me one day just because she loves me.

...or even as small as J bringing home a flashlight for my car because I didn't have one & when he takes my car to get gas for me so I won't have to pump it.
It's the little things.

& technically this isn't a gift but - when granny would fulfill my wishes of Christmas shopping for the family when I was a child and unable to do so myself. Nothing gave me greater joy
than searching for something that they would love & thinking about the excitement. I continue this by taking Landon (my nephew) & will do so with my children.


These gifts stand out because of the heart with which they were given.  They touched me – they still do.

So family/friends, when I try hard not to get you a gift card, when I fuss about having tons of work to catch up on- yet have to run to Target 3 times in one week, please just hug me.
I know why I do it.  I do it because I want “that moment.”

I know it is rare to unearth a gift so special that 10 years later someone will still be talking about it.  I know that those gifting moments which resonate in memories are hard to create.

But I am not going to stop trying.

In a few weeks, when we all take time to gather ’round the tree, and lovingly open the gifts tenderly selected and purchased for each other, I will be happy.

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

***one of my favorite articles- GREAT READ!

[email protected] (Soulful Snaps Photography) Wed, 25 Nov 2015 16:31:59 GMT
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory-Dr. Seuss Had so much fun with this sweet family. Nothing like having fun, making memories, annnnnnnnd capture them for a lifetime.

[email protected] (Soulful Snaps Photography) Sun, 08 Nov 2015 04:11:42 GMT
Young Sweet LOVE <3 The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the {HEART}

[email protected] (Soulful Snaps Photography) Fri, 02 Oct 2015 03:17:03 GMT
Oh the places you'll go ... “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”


This sweet girl rocked her senior session


[email protected] (Soulful Snaps Photography) Tue, 15 Sep 2015 21:53:10 GMT
Be the most BRILLIANT color in the box ;) “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things we can think of if only you try.” -Dr. Suess



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You are My Sunshine :) "I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest of days I will stand tall and find the sunlight."

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Sweet Engagement "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."   {When Harry Met Sally}

Meet Katherine & Zach..... Here's their story

Well, we are both 23, he is from Hartselle, AL and I am from Cullman, AL. We met at Show choir auditions at Wallace State Community College, and fell in love the next two years that we were in the group together. I am now a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, and he works for Charter, and is going to school to get a Mechanical Engineering Degree. We will live in Atlanta, GA together once we are married, and our wedding is September 18, 2015 we have been together for 4 years. I spend all my off days flying to Huntsville, AL to be with him, we are head over heels in love with each other; sorry I could go on and on haha

How precious is that?!?!  I absolutely adore their pictures- amazing session & I wanted to share    ;)

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The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children I will let them be little. Fill their hearts with laughter. Help them grow wings. Nurture their sense of wonder. Inspire them to believe & LOVE them like there IS NO TOMORROW.

  Let them be little     

Mothers hold their children's hands for a while, but their hearts forever.-

"My dad, my hero"     If I know what love is, it is because of you                 

  "If you only knew how much those little moments with you- mattered to me"                                     

  DAD- a son's first hero & a daughter's first LOVE

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Getting to know "Signature Smiles of Cullman" I am proud to say that I personally know Lindsey Marshall. We've known each other for years but she's grown to be a dear friend to me & I couldn't be happier to be sharing the new practice with you all. Hope you enjoy!

"At Signature Smiles of Cullman, PC, we commit to meet the needs and wants of the people of Cullman County by providing the highest quality dental care. We will constantly seek to improve our services with new techniques and materials. We will teach and encourage patients to become a part of their oral health care.

It is important to us to do this in a friendly, low-stress, and clean environment. We will also strive keep fees reasonable while still operating a successful business.

As natives of Cullman, we are more than just a business. We will be part of the commumity by supporting outreach programs and participating in community functions. Last, we believe it is possible for all people to keep his or her teeth for a lifetime, and we will help accomplish this."

Dr. Lindsey Marshall

Dr. Lindsey Marecle Marshall is a native of Cullman, Alabama where she attended Cullman High School and graduated in 2003. After graduation, she attended Birmingham-Southern College where she graduated magna cum laude in 2007 with a B.S. degree in Biology-Psychology. While at Birmingham-Southern, she was involved in the Chi Omega sorority, numerous student organizations, honor societies and completed a research project on dental implant-associated bone loss.

Following college, she was accepted into the University of Alabama School of Dentistry where she received awards including the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award for most clinical proficiency in esthetic dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry Senior Student Award for excellence in both clinical dentistry and basic sciences, and the Birmingham District Dental Society Award for most outstanding clinical ability.

Dr. Marshall practices all aspects of general dental care. She performs preventative, endodontic, prosthodontic, pediatric, and esthetic dental procedures. Currently maintaining memberships in American Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and American Academy of Women Dentists, she is committed to the advancement of oral health.

Dr. Marshall met her husband, Tyler, an orthopedic surgeon, while attending college in Birmingham. They married in 201o and welcomed their son, Hugh on January 16, 2014. When she is not practicing dentistry, Dr. Marshall enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and cooking.

Opening Signature Smiles of Cullman with Dr. Stidham is a dream come true for Dr. Marshall. She is so excited for what the future holds for their dental practice and partnership.

Dr. Katherine Stidham

Dr. Katherine Weldon Stidham is a native of Cullman County. She attended Fairview High School and graduated in 1999 as Valedictorian. She went on to attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. While in school, Dr. Stidham received many honors including History Student of the Year and Physics Student of the Year. She was an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

It was in Mobile that Dr. Stidham met her husband, Dr. Jeremy Stidham. He is also from Cullman and practices at Cullman Internal Medicine. They have two children. Benjamin is an outgoing six year old and Madeline is a two year old fan of the movie Frozen. They are both excited about being back in their hometown to raise their children and build careers.

Dr. Stidham attended dental school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. UAB trains the country’s best dentists pushing students to complete numerous crowns, restoration, dentures, extractions and implant restorations while in the program. Dr. Stidham was inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon honor society at UAB. Sixteen students are picked by the faculty from the top twenty percent of the graduating class.

It was also during dental school that Dr. Stidham and Dr. Marshall met. Although both from Cullman, they did not meet and become friends until dental school. Drs Stidham and Marshall always dreamed of opening a practice together. Dr. Stidham couldn’t imagine a better partner and the two are excited about growing their practice in their hometown.


Signature Smiles of Cullman
1965 Alabama Highway 157, Suite A
Cullman, AL 35058

Phone: (256) 531-9983

Front entrance/ Lobby/ Sign from hy 157   Lobby           




  Great group of ladies- go see them!

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Awaiting the most precious gift "Expecting a baby is a time of unfolding wonders- from the jolt of the first heartbeat, to the buds of tiny fingers, to the flutter of little kicks."

Maternity shoots are one of my favorites.

This was such a fun session, I love photographing expecting parents so much! There is so much joy, love and anticipation. This couple was so natural in front of the camera, and I feel lucky to have met them. We met the hour before sunset in a beautiful grassy area near Cullman, and went on the search for some amazing light & ended up lucking out with a gorgeous sunset! Thankfully they didn't mind jumping out of the car to catch the sunset on the side of the road with me  :)    There is so much love in here…




Sweet love

Love, love baby bumps!     

big sister, nova


       gorgeous sunset

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